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Are you a high school athlete that is going to play sports in college?

Then you need a Player Stats App!

Player Stats app


Easiest way to share all of your player information in one click!


What is a Player Stat App?

It is a phone app that has all of your player information that can be shared with one click or a custom QR code.

Why Do I Need A Player Stat App?

There are over 7 million high school athletes in the United States, you need to stand out if you want to play sports at a college level! The Player Stats App makes that possible by allowing you, your parents and your coaches to share your up to date stats with any recruiter. The Player Stats App is a professional way to share all of the information recruiters want to see in an easy shareable format. 

How The App Works


Give Them What They Want!


Make it easy to see you!

About you

Tell Them About Yourself!


Make it easy to contact you!

Share & scan

Let them get your information!


Player Stats App

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